Hidden waters leaks in Yorkshire: ADI can help

Homeowners and business leaders could have a hidden problem that is putting their building and profits at risk – but engineers based in Yorkshire could have the answer.

ADI Leak Detection can help locate hidden water leaks

Global warming has shown the world just how catastrophic water damage can be, with huge floods increasingly damaging residential and commercial properties.

But smaller, more insidious leaks could be putting your assets under threat right now, without you even knowing.

Hidden water leaks often creep along causing increasing damage over an extended period of time, with equally catastrophic results.

ADI uses special techniques and equipment to get the job done.

Adrian Morgan, who founded and own ADI Leak Detection, specialises in a non-invasive investigation technique that can find and solve problems.

He said: “One of the most common reasons for call-outs is when people’s boilers stop working, and often that is caused by a drop in the water pressure; that water has to be going somewhere.”

And if the water leak is within your property, you should resolve the issue as quickly as possible, as left unaided a hidden loss can cause extensive damage.

Adrian added: “That could be water in your basement, washing away your foundations and putting the structure of the building at risk.

ADI Leak Detection is on hand for you when things go wrong

“Or, it could just be that your water bill creeps up and up, despite you not using any extra water intentionally. Either way, the potential for huge costs is there.

“And of course, where there is hidden water there’s a risk of damp, and the potential health issues associated with that.”

With an engineer based in Leeds and another in Doncaster, ADI Leak Detection is on hand when things go wrong, or to do an assessment ahead of problems. This is particularly useful if you own a large or older property, and have no idea if maintenance has been carried out regularly in the past.

As specialists in internal and external leak detection, the ADI engineers can normally find and fix the problem in the same day, even in complex cases.

Adrian said: “We are the original leak detection service and we only employ time-served plumbing and heating engineers.

“Our system will cause no damage to your property, making it the cost-effective leak detection and repair service.

“We can trace and repair water mains leaks, central heating system leaks, under-floor heating leaks, underground leaks, hot feed leaks, cold feed leaks, ground source heat pump leaks, leaks on all water pipes and swimming pool leaks.”

The firm can also supply comprehensive reports for your insurance company.

With many five-star ratings on checkatrade.com, previous customers are happy to share their experience.

One said: “We found ADI by pure chance, through a builder that had used them a few months ago.

“I happened to mention that we had a leak but couldn’t locate it, and he recommended ADI.

“I am so pleased that after 18 months of trying to work out where the leak was, even calling out Thames Water to help to no avail, Vincent at ADI located the leak within two hours.

“Thankfully the leak wasn’t under the house, so it was a straightforward fix once it was located.”

If you have a current issue with a water leak, or are a property owner, manager or landlord, visit https://www.adileakdetection.co.uk to find out what they can do for you.