Huddersfield Town aims to bang the drum for local firms in Leeds and London

Sean Jarvis, the commercial director of Huddersfield Town.  Picture Tony Johnson.
Sean Jarvis, the commercial director of Huddersfield Town. Picture Tony Johnson.
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HUDDERSFIELD Town plans to bang the drum for the town’s vibrant business community by holding talks with significant regional decision makers.

Huddersfield’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a vital role to play in boosting economic growth during a period of uncertainty, a major business event was told.

A business breakfast organised by Huddersfield Town heard that Britain could be entering “the age of the SME” as consumers and suppliers demand a more personal service.

The event, which was hosted by Louise Woollard Financial, acted as a sounding board for the views of members of the Huddersfield Hundred, the football club’s commercial partners.

Speaking after the event, Sean Jarvis, Huddersfield Town’s commercial director, said: “We’ve got a lot of SMEs in Huddersfield and it is the age of the SME. Their voice is much strong when they understand each other so they can speak louder.

“Huddersfield is a fantastic place and has an awful lot of success stories and some great businesses within it. We have to encourage a collective of the ‘hundred’ to go to places like London and Leeds and tell their story. On the back of this morning, we will facilitate that.”

Ms Woollard said: “We’re stronger together by trying to make things happen. There is a lot of investment in Yorkshire as a region, but not necessarily in Huddersfield and we have got to find out why. We have got some fabulous buildings that could be used by businesses.”

The event heard presentations from wealth management consultant Chris Cahill and Greg Wright, deputy business editor of The Yorkshire Post.