INEOS launches new UK-based healthcare business INEOS Hygienics with manufacturing base in Newton Aycliffe

Manufacturing giant INEOS is to launch of its new global healthcare business with operations in the North of England.

INEOS factory at Newton Aycliffe

INEOS Hygienics is a new business which will produce a range of hospital grade hand gels, sanitiser sprays for hands and surfaces and sanitiser wipes, for retail sale, available for the home and to the public.

It will be headquartered in the UK and operate manufacturing plants at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, as well as Herne in Germany, Etain in France and at Jacksonville and Neville Island in the USA.

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George Ratcliffe, Chief Operating Officer of INEOS Hygienics, said: “To date, we’ve delivered more than four million bottles of sanitiser to hospitals around the world, bringing confidence to thousands of frontline medical staff and care providers. Now, we’re able to offer that same level of protection to the public.

INEOS factory

"INEOS sanitiser products will now help us all to target viruses and bacteria with confidence at home, at work and beyond.”

INEOS Hygienics will formulate its sanitisers with 75 per cent alcohol as advised by The World Health Organization, The US FDA, and European health services.

A spokesperson added: “Nothing is added which is not needed to kill infection. This ensures that it is effective in eliminating 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria.”

The launch of the INEOS Hygienics business is being announced at the British Grand Prix weekend and is supported by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team.

Sanitizer being delivered to a hospital

Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes F1 team, said: “It is fantastic that we’re back racing and it’s only possible due to the stringent protocol measures that are in place across sport, including team members prioritising hygiene.

“The INEOS Hygienics range of medical grade sanitisers is helping to protect the team, giving us confidence to get the job done at the factory and on the track. The innovation and adaptation that INEOS has demonstrated in its response to the pandemic have been impressive and we’re proud to be carrying the INEOS Hygienics name on the car at Silverstone and for the next races.”