Investors adopt cautious outlook for blue chip index in 2016

INVESTORS are cautiously optimistic about the outlook for the FTSE 100 in 2016, according to research by Barclays Stockbrokers.

The poll showed that nearly two fifths (38 per cent) of investors believe the FTSE 100 will end 2016 between 6,001 and 6,500 points, while 35 per cent said it will finish the next year between 6,501 and 7,000 points.

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A fifth (20 per cent) said they believe the index will rise above 7,001 points at the end of 2016, while only seven per cent said they think the FTSE 100 will fall below 6,000 points.

The research follows a volatile year for the index which saw it reach a high of 7,122 points, breaking past the 7,000 point barrier for the first time in its history, but also saw it hit lows of 5,768 points, as it suffered from global market uncertainty.

Chris Stevenson, vice president at Barclays Stockbrokers, said: “Looking ahead to the New Year and taking into account the volatility the index has experienced this year, it is interesting to see our investors adopting a cautious outlook for the year ahead.”