Jacks Eyewear in Barnsley taps into ingenious way of recycling ocean plastics

Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet programme brought home the realities of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans last year.

Matt Stewart of UKSE pictured with David Jackson of Jacks Eyewear. Pic: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com

The programme sparked debate and led to renewed commitments from politicians to tackle the issue as a matter or urgency.

A Barnsley-based optician is providing a glimpse into ptentially alleviating the problem of plastics choking the oceans.

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Jacks Eyewear is providing 100 per cent sustainable glasses made out of recycled ocean plastics.

The business launched in April 2019 following a £5,000 investment from UK Steel Enterprise, an organisation that supports growing businesses in communities affected by changes in the steel industry.

The money has been used to not only develop the Jacks Eyewear’s website but also buy frames from providers, including Sea2see, which uses recycled ocean plastic to create its products.

Founder David Jackson said: “The funding from UKSE has been instrumental in allowing me to take Jacks Eyewear to the next level.

“Jacks Eyewear is different to the typical opticians you may find on the high street because we work to provide tailored performance and quality eyewear, specialising in children’s spectacles as well as providing eyewear for sports enthusiasts who may require a more bespoke solution. We use industry leading brands to also help promote new, upcoming and innovative frame manufacturers.”