'Leadership is in your hands' event to galvanise Sheffield is told

“We must all provide leadership - and solutions.”

Sheffield Property Association 'Galvanise Sheffield' event at Ko-Host at Castle House. From left: The Star editor Nancy Fielder, Jackie Sadek of UK Regeneration, Charles Begley of London Property Alliance, Alexis Krachai, S-PA director, and Nick Morgan, Kollider director. Picture: Chris Etchells.

That was the message at an event to ‘Galvanise Sheffield’.

Organised by Sheffield Property Association and held at new tech hub, Kollider at Castle House, the aim was to find out how the city can pull together – and what could be done if it does.

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Scores of people attended and were urged to “lead from the front.”

Sheffield Property Association event laying out plans to the public at Ko-Host. Pictured are Star editor Nancy Fielder, Charles Begley and Jackie Sadek. Picture: Chris Etchells

The Star editor Nancy Fielder said: “Sheffield needs you to step up and lead from the front.

“Councils can no longer do it alone. Who rolls out the red carpet and flies the flag for business? The welcome committee must be from the city as a whole. Strong leadership can transform a city.”In two years Sheffield Property Association has grown from an idea to an organisation that represents more than 70 landowners and developers, £4bn in assets and 20,000 jobs.

Alexis Krachai, S-PA director, said they welcomed ideas for projects to tackle.

He added: “We don’t have all the answers, no one organisation can change a city.”

Galvanise Sheffield guests. Picture: Chris Etchells

The S-PA wants to support cultural institutions such as Museums Sheffield and Sheffield Theatres. It also wants to partner with organisations like Sheffield Civic Trust, Joined Up Heritage Sheffield and Sheffield Digital.

At the event, veteran manufacturer William Beckett, chair of the International Trade Forum, responded to the rallying call.

He said: “We would love to work with you.”

Nick Morgan, director of Kollider, said the project to transform and re-open Castle House had been a “three-and-a-half year slog,” but today it welcomed 7,000 visitors a week.

He added: “The S-PA’s work is really encouraging. When we’re aligned we can move forward.

“In this city we have leading media figures who listen, and people in property and culture - there are voices in every sector.

“How do we build a new model for Sheffield that’s respectful of what’s gone before?”

Galvanise leading people, develop a vision, express ambition, be audaciously optimistic and, most importantly, do it together, he said.

Jackie Sadek, of property developer UK Regeneration, said she’d tried to get investment for three separate sites in Sheffield a eight years ago without success.

“If the S-PA had existed then I don’t think the opportunity would have been lost. It’s a really powerful thing that you have created.

“Don’t wait for leadership because it’s in your hands, there’s all to play for in this city.

“I have this advice: seize power and never ask for permission. You are doing it all already and if I could bottle it I would make a fortune.”

The S-PA has a pioneering link with the London Property Alliance - the City and Westminster property associations.

Earlier this month they co-organised a Parliamentary reception attended by more than 150 people.

Executive director Charles Begley said working with the S-PA helped the national interest.

He added: “Property is instrumental in driving change, but all the professional services are involved in making a great city.

“We need to work together for the national interest, what we do with the S-PA is an example of that.”