Leading the green war on superbugs

THE company behind a cleaning product which uses good bacteria to “eat” toxic bacteria believes it could make big strides in the fight against hospital superbugs.

Hygiene control firm Chemex manufactures a cleaning product, Chemzyme Plus, that contains the bacteria solution. It supplies the product to care homes, pubs and hotels across Yorkshire.

“Many businesses in Yorkshire already use this completely green cleaning method and have found that nature’s technology is often better than traditional chemicals,” said John Heslop, head of Chemex’s Yorkshire operations.

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“The research we’ve conducted with our NHS clients proves that the ‘friendly’ bacteria also eradicate the harmful ones.”

The product has already been tested in an NHS trust in London and Chemex said the Health Protection Agency has expressed interest in the product.

Sean Derrig, a microbiologist at the Chemex, said: ”This is fighting fire with fire. This is a completely new approach to keeping hospitals, schools and care homes safe.”