Leeds named as one of the best cities in the UK for tech job creation

Leeds has been named as one of the strongest cities in the country for the availability of tech jobs.

A new study analysed the UK cities outside of London with the highest number of tech jobs, and the cities with the greatest availability of tech jobs in relation to population size.

The research from KO2 Embedded Recruitment Solutions showed Leeds to be the third best city for available tech jobs, with over 4,000 tech roles currently available in the city.

Only Manchester and Cambridge were ahead of Leeds.

Leeds tech scene is among the best in the UK.

Moreover, Leeds was also found to be one of the top 10 cities for the chances of landing a tech job by comparing the number of roles available against the population size, with just over 100 people to every tech role available.

Sheffield also featured in the report in 14th place, with just over 1,000 roles available.

Chris Oddy, who authored the report, said: “There is no doubting that 2020 has hit employment hard. The pandemic has sadly seen many businesses having to close down, cut costs and make redundancies, and the unemployment rate has grown by 0.9 per cent versus the same period last year according to ONS figures.

“With the growing rate of unemployment in the UK, the Government has highlighted the importance of the tech industry as the future for much of our workforce.

“Tech roles, of course, include the areas of embedded systems which we specialise in but can also incorporate a wide range of jobs from social media marketing to games development and IT support.”