Leeds ranks among top places for start-ups

Luke Johnson of the Centre for Entrepreneurs
Luke Johnson of the Centre for Entrepreneurs
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LEEDS is ranked fourth in a list of the top locations for start-up businesses in the UK, which has been compiled by the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE).

The study found that 2015 was a record year for startup formation in Britain. The CFE, an independent non-profit think tank, said that 608,100 new enterprises were formed in 2015, compared with 581,173 startups in 2014.

Luke Johnson, the centre’s chairman, said: “The UK has sustained startup activity despite the economic recovery providing employment opportunities in established businesses. We have seen a record number of new businesses created for four consecutive years, proving that entrepreneurship has become ingrained within the UK’s business culture. This is something we should celebrate and something we should continue to nurture through sensible and incentivising Government policies.”

The combined authorities of London topped the list last year, with 196,146 start-ups created, an increase on the 187,632 recorded in 2014. Leeds comes in fourth, behind Birmingham and Manchester, with 6,926 start-ups formed in 2015, which is up on the 6,623 recorded in 2014. Bradford is 11th with 3,859 start-ups formed last year, up from 3,517 the year before. Sheffield comes 13th with 3,713 start-ups established last year, an increase on the 3,368 recorded in 2014.

Matt Smith, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, said: “While London remains unrivalled compared to the rest of the country, thanks to its better access to funding and strong entrepreneurial support, other regions are also proving their worth – especially Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham.”

However, Mr Smith said he was concerned that some university cities had done badly in the survey.