Price comparison website aims to help consumers save money on their funeral

Sally Hill of
Sally Hill of
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A new price comparison website aims to help consumers save money on the cost of their funeral.

The Leeds-based compares the costs of funeral plans across all UK providers and gives consumers the data they need to plan their own funeral, so their grieving relatives don’t have to foot the bill.

The site has been launched by entrepreneur Sally Hill who previously founded and sold an online service comparing home energy costs.

According to Ms Hill, the requirements of the sector have been ignored because consumers planning for the cost of their funerals are typically older people, who have traditionally been regarded as slow adopters of digital technologies.

A spokesman said: “That is now changing rapidly, with more over 60s than ever online. The majority are regularly using price comparison websites to help with their purchasing decisions.”

Ms Hill said: “Funeral Plan Market is the first whole of market price comparison site for funeral plans in Britain.

“Until now, if people wanted to research and compare the cost of funeral plans across different providers they would have to ring them up, one by one, or visit their offices.

“Not only was this slow, but it is also emotionally challenging to have to talk to numerous strangers and to specify the requirements for your own funeral each time.

“I understand the very high standards of practice required to achieve Ofgem accreditation and I’ve brought those same requirements to the funeral plan market.”

She added: “I genuinely believe with we have solved a problem for people.

“It’s one of the last sectors to benefit from price comparison, because the demographic hasn’t traditionally been early adopters, but that is changing every day, as internet savvy consumers grow older.

“They are used to using price comparison websites to save on the cost of just about everything they buy and they expect to be able to do the same with funeral plans. Now, thanks to Funeral Plan Market, they can do just that.”