Mimir Marine’s lifeline for divers seeing global demand

A YORKSHIRE-based company is helping to save the lives of deep sea divers in remote parts of the world.

Hull-based Mimir Marine is reporting growing demand for its deep sea diving rescue systems, with orders flooding in from Aberdeen to Australia.

The company, which was founded five years ago, has been awarded contracts in Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Angola.

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When diving vessels are evacuated, the divers inside have to escape in a ‘hyperbaric lifeboat’.

They face days in a small escape chamber, before it is safe for them to return to the surface.

In recent years, leading figures in the diving world have concluded that this process is too restrictive.

In response, Mimir Marine has created Hyperbaric Reception Facilities (HRF); chambers designed to accept divers who have been transferred from an isolated lifeboat in to a large living complex.

Mimir recently joined forces with subseas installation contractor Bibby Offshore in a project to improve the safety of divers.

The trials involved joining a self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat, from a diving support vessel, to a portable hyperbaric reception facility onshore, deployed by Mimir Marine. The onshore facility is designed to accept divers who have been transferred from a lifeboat, when a vessel is abandoned.

Mimir Marine managing director Gerard Laden said: “The contracts involved in this work are complex and have far-reaching implications.”

Mimir Marine, which has 15 staff, has a growing client portfolio in the renewable energy sector.

A number of companies are seeking its advice in connection with plans to design and build offshore weather monitoring stations for wind farms.

Langleys Solicitors, which has a base in York, acts for Mimir Marine on its contract work

James Towler, a partner at Langleys, said yesterday: “We’ve advised Mimir Marine on a number of recent contracts involving the sale or hire of its systems around the world.

“It’s great to be supporting such an innovative Yorkshire company with a growing global reach.”