Morrisons launches trial run of money-off coupons

MORRISONS is running a coupon trial in 10 stores in the North East that could be rolled out across all its stores in the autumn if it proves a success.

The Bradford-based group is trialing two types of coupon. The first offers money off a basket of shopping, for example, £2 off your next £40 shop. The second offers money off a specific brand in the next shop.

“If you’ve bought two pizzas you might get a money-off voucher for a pizza brand at your next shop,” said a spokesman. “It’s a good way to get coupons into customers’ hands at the check-out. We make sure the coupon is relevant and one customers will use,” he added.

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He said that the system is nothing like as complex as its competitors’.

Asda’s Price Guarantee, which promises to be 10 per cent cheaper than rivals’, spurred Sainsbury’s to launch Brand Match, which offers money-off coupons if a brand could be bought cheaper at Tesco or Asda.

Morrisons has used coupons before, but they have typically been newspaper promotions that offer £5 off a £40 basket of shopping. It also runs a Christmas Collector card.

Morrisons said the trial has been well received.

“We don’t hold data we just look at what’s gone through the check-out. We’re sticking to our knitting. That’s what people want,” said the spokesman.