My Investments: Roger Gaunt, managing director at Gauntlet Group.

What was your best investment?

Setting up Gauntlet 21 years ago has been the best investment of my time, energy and money.

Are wise investors born or made?

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Made: Life’s experiences shape us and we learn from an early age.

Do you believe it’s become harder for entrepreneurs to make prudent investments since the crash of 2008?

There are always opportunities for entrepreneurs to make prudent investments, regardless of economic climate. The pace of change, in particular with technology and communication, is creating huge opportunities for the forward thinking entrepreneur. This is a very exciting time for an entrepreneur.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are looking to make a major investment?

Do lots of your own research. Surround yourself with people more knowledgeable than you on the investment. Take the advice but ultimately trust your own instinct.

What’s the worst investment you’ve ever made?

Buying my daughter a horse riding lesson for her 7th birthday. Ten years on the whole family ride and we have some beautiful horses which we actively compete at British Eventing. As anyone with horses will know, they are certainly not a good financial investment.

What lessons did you learn from your worst investment?

Money isn’t everything.

The memories we are still creating and life skills the children have learned cannot be measured in financial terms. The smiles on their faces when they recount their stories are priceless.

Which sectors are most likely to offer handsome returns for business investors?

Technology and telecoms.

What was the best piece of investment advice you’ve received?

My father regularly reminds me to “Cut your losses early and let your winners run”.