N​ational Intern Day offers huge opportunities

The Market Open to celebrate National Intern Day at London Stock Exchange Group
The Market Open to celebrate National Intern Day at London Stock Exchange Group
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​Following the recent success of National Intern Day, and as ​s​ummer draws to a close, minds turn to​ ​going back to school, college, or work.

​For some, it’s also an opportunity to consider their career plans​ ​and objectives for the year ahead. For students approaching graduation or embarking on the upcoming

term, it’s time to consider internships or potential graduate schemes. Such initiatives often serve to​ ​broaden experiences of the world of work and can help shape a future career path.

For those with an interest in finance, business or technology, London Stock Exchange Group offers a​ ​number of opportunities through its Spring Week, internship and graduate programmes. These schemes​ ​provide a springboard for those seeking a rewarding and challenging career in global financial markets.

From LSEG’s London headquarters, the Group has a truly global presence. Our geographic footprint​ ​extends to over 20 countries worldwide, with a major presence in cities including Sydney, Colombo,​ ​Milan and New York. Our 4,500 employees serve customers across the world.

LSEG plays a vital economic and social role within the global economy through its interconnected​ ​businesses, enabling companies to access funding for growth and development, make informed​ ​investment decisions and manage financial risks. In turn, on a broader macro-economic basis, this​ ​provides greater efficiency in accessing and managing capital, helping to fund innovation, generate​ ​wealth and create jobs.

Our capital markets division plays a central role in, helping businesses raise capital to fund growth, and​ ​ensuring investors have access to global liquidity that allows for active and efficient trading. LSEG’s​ ​information services division powers the markets through the provision of market data and analytics​ ​tools as well as our leading global indexes from FTSE Russell.

Our post trade division is vital to the saf​e ​functioning of markets, providing effective risk management and increased capital efficiency to our​ ​customers. LSEG’s corporate functions ensure the smooth running of our operations across the world.

This division includes teams such as investor relations, risk, finance, and regulatory strategy.

Underpinning all of these areas is our Technology, which provides secure, stable, high performance​ ​platforms to our business. An area of constant evolution, our teams are driving disruptive trends in the​ ​systems that support financial markets.

Each year, LSEG welcomes students into its nine-week UK summer internship programme as well as​ ​similar programmes around the world. Penultimate year university students can apply for Business or​ ​Technology internships. Regardless of which scheme students participate in, the programmes give​ ​participants a flavour and understanding of what a career at LSEG would be like.

The scheme offers​ ​interns a chance to experience real roles with a focus on learning and development. This includes a​ ​formal training week followed by opportunities to meet and learn from experts across the business. We​ ​also offer a shorter similar version for first year university students as part of our Spring Week​ ​Programme.

Our graduate programmes also offers two streams, with graduates opting to participate in either the​ ​Business or Technology programmes. Graduates on the Business programme gain valuable experience​ ​across a number of different areas, through a rotation scheme. Graduates following this route could get​ ​involved in helping companies raise capital, providing secure and reliable trading platforms or delivering​ ​real-time information or risk management services.

LSEG’s work is dependent on our expertise in developing and delivering best-in-class technology. The​ ​Technology graduate programme is geared towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics​ ​(STEM​) graduates. These technical rotations can involve cutting-edge coding, development and​ ​innovation.

Of course, these programmes are just the start to a career. At LSEG, we recognise that professional​ ​development is a continuous process, and encourage graduates and employees to take advantage of​ ​growth opportunities over the course of their career. We are committed to supporting a culture that is​ ​diverse and inclusive, where every individual can be his or her true self at work and fulfil their potential.

We believe the continued development and engagement of our colleagues is vital to the delivery of our​ ​strategy. Whether it’s seeking guidance from a mentor, pursuing opportunities within another area of​ ​the businessor enrolling in an online training platform, we actively encourage members across the​ ​organisation to grab opportunities to advance their skills and grow their networks.

As our business continues to evolve, we’re looking for ambitious individuals to join our team and drive​ ​our continued success. We look forward to welcoming the next generation of graduates and interns to​ ​help write the next chapter of our growth story.

To learn more about LSEG’s graduate and internship programmes, please visit: www.lseg.com/graduates