New research into city's legal sector

The Leeds legal sector is one of the North of England's most valuable yet under-appreciated economic assets, according to the author of a forthcoming study on the industry.


Bernard Ginns, the founding director of communications advisory firm, is working on a new project to raise the profile of the sector.

Leeds Law Society and Leeds City Council have commissioned him to carry out a study into the size, scale and nature of the services provided by Leeds firms to clients all over the world.

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The first part of the study will gather basic facts and figures about the sector in Leeds and other cities with successful legal centres and look at the best ways to attract and retain talent and investment. The second part will look at the economic and social contribution that lawyers make to Leeds as a thriving city and a place of opportunity. The third part will take the key findings and use them to tell the story of the Leeds legal sector in an attractive and compelling way to new recruits and investors.

Mr Ginns is particularly keen to make sure that the contribution of smaller law firms is included and invites submissions.

He can be contacted via [email protected]