Office space available – just for those with blue sky thinking

UNION Industries has created an “innovation hub” in the Hunslet area of Leeds by converting part of its premises, known as Angel’s Wing.

The manufacturer has converted 2,200 square feet of space in the roof of its facility to accommodate an innovation-driven busi- ness.

The building’s owner, Paul Schofield, is so keen to see a “creative business” take up residence in ‘Blue Cloud’, as the space is named, that he has turned down tenancy offers from professional services companies, such as accountants.

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Alongside Union Industries’ high speed industrial door manufacturing operation, the building houses the company’s office facilities, which include a cobbled, Covent Garden-style court- yard.

In addition to Union Industries, Angel’s Wing is also home to two other international businesses, printing technology specialist, Rioch, and creative agency, The Brand Nursery.

Angel’s Wing also features two nine-foot high angel sculptures, which adorn the glass atrium at the front of the building.

Mr Schofield, chairman of Union Industries, said: “Innovation is the beating heart of this building and its character and atmosphere are catalysts for stimulating creative thought and invention.

“This environment has proven successful for Union Industries and Angel’s Wing’s other tenants and I am sure that the addition of ‘Blue Cloud’ will provide an ideal setting for an innovative small business to establish itself.

“I am determined to help foster a culture of creativity and innovation in our corner of Leeds.

“There is real competition among commercial property owners for tenants, but, much to the credulity of my agent, I am not just going to let the space to anyone – they must be creative.”

David Aspland, partner at Carter Jonas, the agent marketing ‘Blue Cloud’, said: “Manufacturers are often painted as boring, but Mr Schofield is definitely breaks the mould and his passion for innovation and creativity are second to none.

“It not only flows through his business, but his premises as well.

“I can safely say there is nothing else like Angel’s Wing in Leeds. It’s a quirky and fun building that would be the perfect home for a creative agency or software company.

“The facilities and broadband connection are of the highest standard and perhaps the glass roof will encourage the kind of blue sky thinking that innovative, creative companies are renowned for.”