On the spot: Rhian Kempadoo-Millar, founder of Leeds-based hat manufacturer Kempadoo Millar

Rhian Kempadoo Millar
Rhian Kempadoo Millar
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Attempt to look like Halle Berry didn’t go well for, founder of Kempadoo Millar, Rhian Kempadoo-Millar.

What was your first job? Making batik carnival costumes in Trinidad. I was paid five pounds a day and I burnt all my fingers with wax. I made cards & artworks from the remaining fabric and sold them.

What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made? Years ago, I cut off all my hair because I thought it would make me look like Halle Berry but I just looked like a teenage boy.

What’s your ideal day away from the office? Being with my family and the dog in the countryside.

Name one person you would like to have dinner with and why? Michelle Obama; she looks to be a very inspiring, interesting lady and really good fun.

What was your best subject at school? Art and textiles.

What are your hobbies? Running, dancing, music, travelling and looking after random stray animals.

What would you do if you won the lottery? I am passionate about female-led small businesses so I would like to to invest in women with ideas and vision.

What is your top time saving tip? Go to bed early, get up early.

What is your favourite time of day? Early morning between half five and half six.

What is your favourite item of clothing? My Kempadoo Millar flat cap, my dad’s Mars jumper and running shoes.

What’s the best thing about being in Yorkshire? The people and their honesty.

What would your epitaph be? Please don’t forget to feed the dog…and the cat.