On The Spot With Julie Pickersgill

Julie Pickersgill
Julie Pickersgill
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Julie Pickersgill is a director at Advanced Digital Dynamics, a data destruction and computer hardware firm in Harrogate.

What was your first job?

I was a picker/packer at Burton Menswear.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would you be doing?

I love running the operations at Advanced Digital Dynamics and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.

What was your worst mistake?

I stayed too long in an environment that was stifling me, the culture was too prescriptive. If I could go back, I would have moved on sooner.

What would your ideal day away from the office be?

I’d be somewhere hot, any-where sunny, probably in Goa basking in the 35-degree heat.

Name one person you would like to have dinner with and why?

Sir Alex Ferguson. He is an inspiring example of how to stay in a job and continue to grow and be successful year after year. Someone like that has to have any business person’s respect.

What was your best subject at school?


What are your hobbies?

Football, I am an avid Manchester United fan! I also enjoy reading, driving and photography.

What would you do if you won the Lotto?

I don’t do the Lottery.

What’s your top time-saving tip?

Good planning and solid processes are key, not having them in place hampers growth in productivity.

What is your favourite time of the day?

Evening in winter, early morning in summer.

What is the best thing about Yorkshire?

Definitely the people. You can’t get the Yorkshire people down, they are resilient, upbeat and positive.

What would your epitaph be?

Not sure I want an epitaph, I certainly don’t want to be buried!