On The Spot With Sarah Maltby

Sarah Maltby
Sarah Maltby
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Sarah Maltby is director of attractions at York Archaeological Trust

What was your first job?

At the Eureka museum in Halifax the year it opened (1990). I was in the first team of people that worked there in a front of house role.

If you weren’t in your present post, what would you be doing?

I might well have stuck at being an archaeologist, which I did for a while after achieving my archaeology degree, although I wasn’t a great fan of winter digging in the cold and wet.

What was your worst mistake?

I once nearly collapsed a historic bridge with a road roller.

What’s your ideal day away from the office?

I like to potter around in my vegetable garden, walk my dog, Colin, and take time out with my family.

Name one person you would like to have dinner with and why?

Jane Austen. I imagine she would be a lively and opinionated dinner guest and would keep me heartily entertained.

What was your best subject at school?


What are your hobbies?

Gardening – vegetables, though, not flowers and shrubs.

What would you do if you won the Lotto?

I would travel extensively with my husband and son.

What’s your top time-saving tip?

Make to do lists for the next day.

What’s your favourite time of day?

In the spring it’s first thing in the morning, summer it’s just as the sun is going down, autumn it’s late afternoon when the light is fading and in winter it’s night-time in front of a roaring log fire.

What’s the best thing about Yorkshire?

Its heritage – particularly in York.

What would you like to be your epitaph?

She ticked everything on her to do list.