Optibiotix confirms heart disease medicine deal with Italian firm

OptiBiotix Health has announced a license agreement with Italian firm Nutrilinea.

OptiBiotix Health has provided an update for the City. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

The York-based firm announced that its fully-owned subsidiary ProBiotix Health Ltd. has signed the deal for the use of LPLDL® in a food supplement for the reduction of high blood pressure (hypertension).

Nutrilinea will cover the cost of all product development, manufacturing and human studies in return for 12 months exclusivity for the European market.

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ProBiotix has exclusivity for the UK and all other markets outside Europe.

Nutrilinea, based near Milan in northern Italy, is a manufacturer of food supplement formulations containing probiotics, with over 15 years’ experience in the development of products for the food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and the United States. It is one of OptiBiotix’s preferred manufacturers, and currently produces the Company’s CholBiome®, CholBiome®x3 and SlimBiome® Medical products.

Dr Luis Gosalbez, Business Development Director of OptiBiotix, said: “We are delighted to announce this deal with Nutrilinea who are covering the cost of product development, manufacturing and human studies, for a food supplement to reduce blood pressure.

“This broadens the use of LPLDL® beyond cholesterol reduction and creates new market opportunities in the field of cardiovascular health.

“Hypertension is a global health issue which is on the rise where there are very few active ingredients or supplements proven to lower blood pressure in humans.

“The development of a hypertension product containing LPLDL® has the potential to address a large global market of unmet clinical need.”