Optibiotix secures exclusive deal in Thailand

OptiBiotix Health, which makes compounds to tackle obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes, has signed a three year distribution agreement to exclusively distribute and commercialise OptiBiotix’s diet aid SlimBiome in Thailand.

Stephen OHara, CEO of OptiBiotix

York-based OptiBiotix said the agreement grants its new partner Primo exclusive distribution in Thailand in return for meeting annual sales targets to maintain exclusivity.

Thailand is experiencing an obesity crisis with one in three men and 40 per cent of women now classified obese. The country is now the second heaviest in Asia after Malaysia, mainly as a result of the rising number of fast food outlets and high sugar usage throughout the food industry.

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OptiBiotix said SlimBiome is transforming the way weight loss has traditionally been approached. It claims that SlimBiome offers a healthy, hunger-free weight management system which is backed by scientific principles rather than simply relying on willpower.

It said SlimBiome promotes the feeling of fullness, helps burn calories by promoting a healthy metabolism and maintains blood sugar levels to prevent overeating. It added that it has been shown to reduce calorie intake by up to 20 per cent and lower food cravings.

Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix, said Primo has committed to purchasing a minimum of 500kg of SlimBiome in the first 12 months, rising to 5,000kg in the third year. OptiBiotix said this reflects its confidence in SlimBiome.

Primo is a national distributor of specialised food ingredients to a broad range of manufacturers in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and supplement industries.

This latest agreement follows the recent FSSAI approval gained by OptiBiotix’s partner, Zeon Life Sciences, for the manufacturing of SlimBiome in India to supply the Asian markets.

Christina Wood, OptiBiotix’s sales and marketing director, said: “We are pleased to announce this exclusive distribution deal and sales order with such a well-established national distributor of high-quality ingredients in Thailand. Achieving FSSAI approval for the manufacturing of SlimBiome in India enables us to reach and service the increasing demand from the Asian countries as part of our expanding commercialisation strategy.

“The growing obesity crisis has opened up an opportunity in these markets for SlimBiome where food supplements and functional holistic products are readily accepted.

“The value gained from our industry awards, clinical studies and recent medical device approval has given our products clear differentiation over other weight loss products.

“The team at Primo have already identified key areas for SlimBiome and are in the process of formulating SlimBiome containing products to meet local tastes.”