Panintelligence heads into US retail market

Leeds-based Panintelligence is moving into the American market after it won a global retail technology customer.

The firm’s new order will involve its data analytics software being made available to a customer base which includes a host of high-street retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Waterstones, John Lewis and Waitrose in the UK and Bass Pro Shops, Best Buy Mobile and Walgreens in the US.

Following its initial US order, Panintelligence is in discussion with several other US vendors and resellers with a view to formally entering the market this year.

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The Panintelligence ‘Pi’ software is a secure business intelligence and analytics platform, which is already used across a wide range of industry sectors to provide real-time business intelligence dashboards and predictive analytics.

The latest contract will see the platform implemented to provide retail managers with a visual overview of back-end operations and front-end operations, illustrating live information relating to areas such as stock and warehouse management, customer footfall and PoS transactions to enable informed strategic decision-making.

The five-year-old firm’s background in the credit and financial services sector has seen its products lead in data security and compliance, a key factor in its recent success. The ‘Pi’ platform sits within clients’ own existing data environments where it securely provides data visualisations, rather than moving data or copying it, making it inherently more secure than other methods of BI analysis.

Andy Bourke, PCMS product manager, said: “As the retail industry continues to evolve, partners like Panintelligence are a critical part of our strategy.

“As a result, PCMS can offer its customers more powerful and actionable insights from their data. Retailers can benefit from the advanced analytics capability and will appreciate the complete transparency they gain across their operations.”

Zandra Moore, Paintelligence’s chief executive, said: “This is our first major contract win in the US. We see real potential for us in the American market, in the retail sector and beyond.

“Our software uses an organisation’s own data to deliver across-the-board insights into every aspect of its operation, so that it’s a total end-to-end solution.

“Clients tell us that it has been a game changer in terms of unlocking the power of the data they constantly generate but previously could not easily access or use.”

Founded in 2014, Panintelligence has a background in the credit and financial services sector. It currently has a turnover of £1.8m and saw its revenues grow 25 per cent in the year to December 31, which also saw it boost its staff numbers and clients.

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