Planning and design company looking to continue growing

A planning and design consultancy is looking to continue growing over the next decade, after its financial results showed a profit of almost £4m.

Tony Bateman, managing director of Pegasus Group.

Pegasus Group, which has an office in Leeds, achieved an operating profit of £3.926m, up 5.6 per cent on 2015/16.

Tony Bateman, managing director of Pegasus Group, says the aim for the company is now to achieve a 5 per cent growth in profitability every year.

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He said: “Over the next year we consider the opportunities for the company will continue to grow bringing in new work streams and the outlook therefore for this year remains positive.”

Revenue for the year 2016/17 also improved, up from £21.5m to £22.95m while gross profit increased from £8.9m to £10.1m.

Pegasus said its design office in Leeds has continued its expansion, now working across the whole of Northern England.

Finance director Samantha Kerby said: “Our financial performance so far this year has been strong and beyond that forecast in our existing budgets. We see no reason for this not to continue for the rest of this year.”

Next year, in line with national policy, Pegasus Group will publish its gender pay gap information. Mr Bateman said: “There is a lot of scrutiny on equality at the moment, but we remain committed to equal opportunities for everyone and I am pleased to report that as a business we are roughly 50:50 men to women.”

The annual report also showed that 59.91 per cent of employees were aged between 30 and 49.