Poor tech infrastructure is stressing one in three workers

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Technological innovations are often sold on the basis that they will help boost productivity and automate work flows.

However, rather than boosting moral it would seem tech is having the opposite affect with more than one in three workers in Yorkshire say workplace technology – from computer software to mobile tech - is increasing stress levels.

Research from Willis Towers Watson has revealed that lack of tech reliability is cited as the main reason for this by 53 per cent of survey respondents, followed by a heightening of workload.

Other shadow sides of technology highlighted by Yorkshire workers included a triggering of tighter deadlines, a lack of human interaction and excessive levels of complexity.

“Technology can be a considerable force for good with the potential to act as a catalyst for smarter, more efficient and more flexible working,” said Mike Blake, at Willis Towers Watson.

“The drive to introduce new technology is inevitable as businesses search for more efficient ways of working, but these findings should act as a call to action to ensure it is adopted strategically.