Printing firms Northend and My Print Partners to merge

Two printing firms in Sheffield are to combine forces to form a new company.

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Northend comprises the city’s newest and oldest printing companies in the shape of My Print Partners and Northend Creative Print Solutions.

Northend Creative Print Solutions has produced print pieces for Sheffield City Hall since the day it opened its doors in 1889.

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Meanwhile My Print Partners only started in 2014 with a team of seven and a handful of customers. In five years they have grown their customer base and team, achieving a turnover of well over £1.2m.

The new business will operate from the current Northend Clyde Road site from early May.

Ian McCloskey, Sales Director at My Print Partners, said: “We were looking to invest in new digital & large format presses, so when the merger opportunity arose, we had to explore it.

“The merger strengthens our commitment to the existing MyPP customer base, offering a larger sheet size, increased digital and large format capacity and capabilities.”

In 2017, Northend Creative Print Solutions invested just under £1 million in a new five-colour RMGT 925 LED-UV press and various add-ons, part of a commitment to the continuation and evolution of the business.

“The merger with My Print Partners is the next step,” a spokesperson said.

Nigel Stubley, managing director at Northend Creative Print Solutions, said: “Unlike a lot of historic businesses we are not scared of change. In a dynamic marketplace and the recent demise of 2 print companies in the city, joining together with My Print Partners, not only allows us to secure another 130 years for this iconic brand, but the merger means we are now able to offer a wider range of services to both companies clients.

“These include fulfilment, pick and pack, wide-format and design. In addition we are bringing together two excellent teams of people with an unprecedented wealth of experience in the industry.”

Richard Green, productions director at My Print Partners, said: “It’s a competitive market out there and consolidation is key. We now have the combined firepower to tackle a really challenging landscape. My Print Partners and Northend Creative Print Solutions have always had a very friendly relationship, and this just made complete sense.”