PwC scheme goes live with new students

A total of 36 students have been welcomed by PwC on to the new computer science degree apprenticeship it has launched in partnership with the University of Leeds.

The degree programme will see the students combining university life with practical work-based technology projects.

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The four-year course has been developed by PwC and the University of Leeds, and successful candidates will work with PwC as they study on their degree programme.

At the end of the programme, those meeting the performance criteria of both the university and PwC, will earn a degree in computer science and will continue their career at PwC.

Among their number was Umayah Tahsin, 18 and from Bradford, who said: “Many people get a degree and struggle to find a job because they lack experience in a professional working environment, this is why I am so fortunate to be part of this programme.”