Q&A with Birds Eye's agriculture manager James Hopwood

Our Q&A series with agricultural personalities from across Yorkshire continues this week with James Hopwood.

James Hopwood, UK agriculture manager for Birds Eye.
James Hopwood, UK agriculture manager for Birds Eye.

He has been working for Birds Eye, based in Hull and around the region, for three months as its UK agriculture manager.

So James, what does your job entail? To bring together and lead our dedicated team responsible for ensuring that our peas are of the highest quality for the Birds Eye brand.

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What do you enjoy most about your job? Being part of an agri-food supply chain, that has a rich heritage in the Yorkshire and Humber region, yet is globally unique in order to harvest 25,000 acres of peas in 50 continuous days in July and August.

How important are Yorkshire farmers to Birdseye's supply chain? For 50 years Birds Eye have worked with 250 growers across the region, united through our grower co-operative ‘The Green Pea Company’, we are proud to have a strong, trusted and committed supply base. Birds Eye has focused for many years on having a long term relationship with our growers, my primary focus is to continue to lead this sustainable development into the future.

How do you feel about British agriculture’s future? Agriculture is entering a fascinating phase in our history, as we embrace change, in policy, trade and technology. I am positive and optimistic that British agriculture will continue to set the global standard in food production from field to fork.

Your message to British consumers? Be proud of, and engage with British farmers, the food they produce and the landscape they enrich for all of us. Be assured that our Birds Eye team and our growers are not only committed to growing the highest quality peas but the health of environment in which we grow them.