Rapid testing is critical to Yorkshire’s economy – MEDsan UK

Regular use of rapid antibody testing kits is the best way to get Yorkshire’s economy back up and running safely, according to pharmaceutical company, MEDsan UK.

Paul Hillman, CEO of MEDsan UK,
Paul Hillman, CEO of MEDsan UK,

With an economy worth £110bn per year - larger than that of 11 EU nations - and a strong presence in financial services and tourism, MEDsan UK said Yorkshire has a vital role to play in the UK’s economic recovery.

However, it warned that without a clear understanding of who has contracted coronavirus, it will be challenging to re-open it and welcome customers back to the region’s shops, offices, hotels and pubs.

Over 50 million of MEDsan UK’s testing kits are being used by governments, hospitals and businesses across Europe and North America. The Government of Monaco is also testing each of its residents with the kit, in partnership with the International Red Cross.

The firm said that rapid antibody testing can generate on-the-spot results and be conducted outside of a clinical setting, removing pressure on the NHS.

By establishing if anyone has (or has not) been infected by, and developed a degree of immunity to, coronavirus, MEDsan UK said regular use of rapid tests is the only way both to get people back to work safely and allow them to keep working without risk of infection.

It said this is particularly important for Yorkshire’s many small and medium sized businesses, and ahead of this weekend’s re-opening of many of the region’s restaurants and hospitality venues – an industry worth £130bn a year to the UK economy.

Paul Hillman, CEO of MEDsan UK, said: “Along with the rest of the country, Yorkshire is raring to reopen. With an economy larger than 11 EU countries, it’s vital for both the region and the United Kingdom that once it is open, it stays that way and avoids further lockdowns.

“With testing in the spotlight once again, it’s clear regular rapid testing for antibodies is the most viable, efficient and effective way to achieve this. By quickly establishing who has had coronavirus, not only does this knowledge get people back to work, but crucially, it keeps their workspaces open.

“We are proud to be helping businesses and institutions – from restaurants to care homes – get back up and running after an unprecedented few months. By employing a comprehensive health and safety strategy, firms can help protect employees and customers from infection, and in doing so, restore consumer confidence as restrictions ease.

“Yorkshire’s small and medium sized businesses are its lifeblood. For its pubs, hotels, offices and shops, rapid testing is a lifeline that cannot be overlooked. We urge the Government to consider rolling out widespread rapid testing for this pivotal region and the whole country.”