Redmayne-Bentley celebrates 141 years in Leeds

Keith Loudon of Redmayne Bentley
Keith Loudon of Redmayne Bentley
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WHEN John Redmayne established his business empire, he only had a desk, a coal scuttle and an ink stand to keep him company.

One hundred and forty one years later, the company he founded - Redmayne-Bentley - is still going strong.

A 19th century stock exchange

A 19th century stock exchange

Set up during the railway boom of 1875, the investment management and stockbroking firm has survived wars and recessions to become part of the fabric of Leeds’ business community.

Much has changed in the stockbroking world since John Redmayne’s era. Before the First World War, stockbrokers came to work at the Leeds Stock Exchange in top hats and frock coats - grey in the summer, black in the winter.

Keith Loudon OBE, the senior partner at Redmayne-Bentley, said: “In those days, smoking was not allowed in the building. After the war ended, it became the fashion at the exchange.”

Mr Loudon has been with the firm since the late 1950s, when it was known as Redmayne & Co. This company merged with FW Bentley & Co. and JW Granger & Co. to become Redmayne-Bentley in 1965.

Mr Loudon added: “Much has happened since 1875, but our philosophy remains the same – providing a friendly, personal and accessible service.”