Solar firm sheds light on energy costs

MORE than two-thirds of Yorkshire business leaders are in the dark over their energy costs, according to a new survey.

Sixty seven per cent of those surveyed said they were completely unaware of how much they typically spend on electricity each quarter.

The study was commissioned by solar installation firm Westinghouse Solar as part of its One Small Step to Solar campaign.

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It found that since 2010, energy bills for businesses have risen 37 per cent– but most businesses are unaware of the huge price hike.

The study, which took a sample of 250 SME finance directors, chief financial officers, managing directors, chief executives and directors, found that 60 per cent of Yorkshire business leaders were unaware of the amount by which their company’s electricity bills had gone up over the last five years, with 33 per cent estimating that their bills had increased by more than 20 per cent over the period.

Furthermore, whilst 60 per cent of companies were able to confirm that they were supplied by one of the Big Six providers, and 20 per cent by smaller independent firms, 20 per cent of the professionals questioned were unable to even name their supplier.

More than a quarter of respondents had failed to change suppliers over the last five years, with a further 13 per cent uncertain whether they have ever changed at all.

Seven per cent of Yorkshire businesses currently use a solar-powered scheme.