Student consultants can help to enrich your business using the latest skills

In a fast-changing business environment, how can you be sure that you are getting good advice about marketing without paying too much?

SALLY CHAN: We are now keen to work with businesses in the region on next years programme.

An exciting programme run by Leeds University Business School could help: as part of our International Marketing Management Masters level programme, students act as unpaid consultants for companies in the region, using the latest skills and knowledge to help businesses develop new products or services, and presenting solutions to the issues that they face.

Masters students are taking their second degree, and Leeds students are extremely bright, highly talented individuals who are already equipped with considerable marketing skills, as well the enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity to make a difference to your business.

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By working with companies in the region, they gain experience of working alongside a real company taking real decisions which can be invaluable when they graduate and look for work.

Yorkshire Student GP Conference at Leeds University Business School.

As one of the UK’s best business schools, Leeds University Business School attracts smart, ambitious students from around the world and we currently are planning the forthcoming year of our programme.

Because you know the challenges – and opportunities – that your company faces, you decide which issues you would like our students to help you with and you can help to guide the focus of their work.

Leeds has been running this programme for some years and we have excellent links with many small and medium-sized businesses in the region. But we want to broaden our network and work with more.

Last year, around 200 MSc students were given the opportunity to carry out consultancy work with local businesses.

Yorkshire Student GP Conference at Leeds University Business School.

Working in teams of six, the students conducted in-depth market analysis and market research or product evaluations for companies interested in assessing the feasibility of entering new markets or developing new products. A number of our students are from China and India, and they can offer genuine insights for companies interested in operating in these markets.

We are now keen to work with businesses in the region on next year’s programme, which is due to start in February.

Your company would be asked to work with students on a periodic basis for four or five months. The demand on your time would be kept to an absolute minimum. Someone from your company will be required to introduce the business to students, to view student consultancy team videos, to attend a Fair Event and sponsor modest prizes for the best student team.

In return you get fabulous creativity and the latest insights from bright and engaged students being taught at one of the country’s best business schools. This could be a win-win situation for your company and for our students.

If you are interested in learning more about this programme, please contact me at [email protected]