Technicians appointed to help businesses with 3D printing, laser cutting and augmented reality at MakerLab in Barnsley

A team of specialist technicians has been appointed to help South Yorkshire businesses develop innovative products and tools at a newly-opened digital innovation space.

Hands-on tech experts from Brightbox have been tasked with providing one-to-one support plus regular workshops and short programmes at the MakerLab on Barnsley’s Digital Campus, The Seam.

Their role will include helping businesses, startups and individuals explore how digital opportunities such as 3D printing, laser cutting and augmented reality can be used to design, make and test new products, operating systems and assets for their businesses.

The MakerLab, which opened at DMC 02 three months ago, has been financed as part of the region’s ERDF-funded Digital Innovation for Growth (DIfG) programme delivered in partnership with Barnsley Council and Sheffield Hallam University.

The MakerLab has a new team of technicians to help businesses innovate and create.

Kisha Bradley, founder and CEO of Brightbox, said: “We are very excited to be involved in the Digital Innovation for Growth service and look forward to working with innovative businesses in the MakerLab.

“This is such an inclusive place and access to its amazing equipment is for everyone, not just techy businesses and techy people.

“We all use tech in our businesses now, and our role is to help people with all levels of technical knowledge to explore how digital innovation could help them create new products, solve problems and make their working lives easier.”

BrightBox technicians will provide up to 12 hours of free one-to-one support for entrepreneurs and business owners in the MakerLab and also deliver a programme of free workshops and short programmes over the next 12 months.

Businesses using the MakerLab may also be signposted to academics at Sheffield Hallam University for more in-depth research and development support.