Top ten tips: Abi Leung on targeting ‘digital natives’

Abi Leung, marketing manager at LIV Student Hotel in Sheffield.
Abi Leung, marketing manager at LIV Student Hotel in Sheffield.
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Abi Leung, marketing manager at LIV Student Hotel in Sheffield, on targeting ‘digital natives’.

1: Before throwing tonnes of resource into paid social ads and online targeting to persuade them to purchase your goods and services, ensure you know them.

2: Authenticity. Genaration Z no longer fall for typical sales-type marketing messages. They buy from brands with integrity who are completely transparent. They are extremely aware and with the online world at their fingertips, will dive into researching your brand before buying.

3: Always share the story of your brand. Shout about your struggles and how you’ve overcome them. Show your business world in its true light, don’t fluff it up for that Instagram story that you think needs to look perfect.

4: Strive for their attention. Once you’ve captured their attention, you’re a winner. This generation document and share everything, good and bad. You need to be on top of digital trends and know what is crucial to them at any moment.

5: Work with influencers. That doesn’t just mean dropping a DM into the Kardashains’ inbox that will never be seen. It means picking out those micro influencers who share the same brand ethos and traits as you. How can you help each other? Remember Generation Z like authenticity, so don’t reach out to an influencer who has 28,000 followers just to increase your brand awareness when they have no similarities to your brand.

6: Personalise. This generation get flooded with comms every single day. Communicate with them as individuals.

7: Share your values. Generation Z, unlike those before them, have options at their fingertips. Your brand will be competing with other brands globally, so make sure your campaigns are value-led and not product driven.

8: Brand loyalty is shrinking because Generation Z have so many options at the click of a button. You’ll have to work extra hard to retain their business. How do you do this? Create ways for them to interact.

9: Mobile optimisation. It’s a simple one, but so many businesses are still getting it wrong. Ensure your website is optimised for mobile consumption.

10: Forget Facebook. It’s a controversial one and I can see MDs and CEOs frowning as they read. Your focus should move to channels such as Snapchat and Instagram.