WANdisco launch to get ahead in the cloud

David Richards,chiefexecutive andchairman of WANdisco
David Richards,chiefexecutive andchairman of WANdisco
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Sheffield-based WANdisco has announced the launch of a new product, LiveMigrator, to help businesses move their data from on premises storage to the cloud.

As businesses look to benefit from storing their data on cloud servers rather than in costly data centres, many struggle with transferring mass quantities of data without interrupting their service to customers.

Many firms require vast amounts of data to be in constant use to continue operating, with some storing thousands of gigabytes worth of data, known as petabytes.

While existing technologies require shutting down services during the migration of data, often on and off over a period of months, WANdisco’s new product uses its Live Data technology to ensure data remains active while being transferred to the cloud.

Storing data in the cloud allows businesses to use advanced technology to interrogate and make use of mass data, with businesses looking to split their data across multiple cloud providers who have different specialisms, such as artificial intelligence or robotics.

WANdisco’s existing technology, WANdisco Fusion, specialises in helping businesses operate across multiple cloud ecosystems.

David Richards, chief executive and chairman of WANdisco, said: "The risk and cost of data migration has been a significant barrier to entry to cloud and multi-cloud ecosystems - a bottleneck for growth and innovation.

"WANdisco LiveMigrator enables for the first time the mass migration of petabyte scale data to the cloud without interruption to service.

"Working in harmony with WANdisco Fusion, the company can now support businesses through their entire live data journey from on premises to multi-cloud. We believe WANdisco LiveMigrator is the fundamental missing technology for large scale enterprise cloud adoption.”

He said that as cloud accessibility increases, a greater number of enterprises will harness the power of multi-cloud, stimulating the development of data led technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotic process automation.