Well-urned rest as US tea odyssey ends

Little Urn, White House Washington - Flash Brew
Little Urn, White House Washington - Flash Brew
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AN UNUSUAL odyssey came to a triumphant end yesterday as Yorkshire Tea wagon Little Urn completed its seven-week coast-to-coast tour of the USA.

Teams of employees from Taylors of Harrogate have been driving the converted ice cream van across the United States handing out free cups of Yorkshire Tea to locals and ex-pat Britons while taking in many of America’s most famous sights.

The Yorkshire Post travelled with Little Urn for the first part of its journey last month, filing dispatches from locations including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Other ports of call for the tea wagon have since included San Francisco and Miami. The Taylors “brew crew” finally arrived in New York at the weekend, where cups of tea were handed out on Wall Street and Brooklyn Bridge.

The journey has formed the basis for a series of TV adverts for Yorkshire Tea.

Yorkshire Tea brand manager James Prentice said: “It’s been a fantastic journey, both for all our staff who have gone to serve up tea from Little Urn, and for those Brits we’ve met who have been so appreciative of a proper brew.

“People genuinely can’t believe we’ve gone to all this trouble just to serve up some Yorkshire Tea, and we’ve been touched by all the lovely comments on our Facebook page.

“Excitement is already building about where we go next!”