This is why Leeds has been chosen by 02 as a 5G network hotspot

Leeds residents can now use O2’s 5G network, after the first six launch locations were switched on across the UK

O2 has released a visual representation of how 5G could shape Leeds over the next 10 to 15 years

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The next-generation network will improve capacity and reliability in key areas, including train stations, business areas and entertainment and sports venues.

The launch sees 5G ‘turned on’ in hotspots around Leeds, including areas around the Merrion and White Rose Shopping Centres; Trinity Shopping Centre; Leeds train station; and the University of Leeds.

To celebrate the launch, O2 has released a futuristic visual representation of how 5G could shape Leeds over the next 10 to 15 years, using the new network to create a fully connected smart city.

Other areas to receive O2’s 5G network at launch are Belfast, Cardiff, London, Slough and Edinburgh. O2’s 5G rollout will continue to reach customers in a further 14 towns and cities by the end of the year and 50 by summer 2020.

Mark Evans, CEO, Telefónica UK, said: “We’re launching with a range of tariffs that make it easy and fair for customers to access 5G, with flexible plans that cost no more than 4G. We’re also switching on 5G in important parts of towns and cities first, places where it will benefit customers and businesses most.

“I believe 5G is going to revolutionise the way people and businesses use mobile connectivity, unlocking huge possibilities for our economy and society. No one in the country has all the answers today, but I’m excited about getting it into the hands of our customers and by working with leading partners to help shape the future of 5G for the next generation.”

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, said: “Mobile digital connectivity is essential to businesses and consumers in Leeds, so I am delighted that O2 is launching its 5G network in the city. 5G technology will improve productivity, enable a stronger economy and be an asset that will attract further investment to the city. Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and the arrival of O2’s 5G network will reinforce its position as a leading centre of digital excellence and innovation in the UK.”

Judith Blake CBE, the leader of Leeds City Council, said: “O2 has a longstanding presence in Leeds, so it is great that the company has chosen the city to be one of the six launch locations for its 5G network. Following the Leeds Digital Festival in the spring and the growing success of Bruntwood SciTech as a digital hub, O2’s 5G is another technology addition to the city that can increase the strength, competitiveness and resilience of the Leeds economy.”