York Gin Distillery has to delay orders after a 'significant quantity' of gins was stolen

The York Gin Distillery at Poppleton has had to delay orders after suffering a break-in over the weekend with “a very significant quantity” of its gins being stolen.

York Gin was launched to the public in 2018 and opened its first shop in the city centre a year later.

The business said orders would be delayed for a “little while” following the break-in and that it is “working closely with the police to try to track down those responsible”.

It also warned other spirits makers to be vigilant with York Gin being the second North Yorkshire distillery to suffer a break-in recently

Emma Godivala, a director at York Gin, which suffered a break-in last weekend, pictured three years ago.

A statement from the company read: “Following the break in at the distillery, we want to thank everyone for your messages of support and concern. We really do appreciate them.

“While it’s shocking to suffer a crime like this, thankfully no one was hurt.

“And while a large quantity of gin was stolen, none of our equipment was damaged.

“So, the bad news is that we may run short of gin for a very short while.

“The good news is we can get back up and running quickly - making our gins, bottling, labelling and packing them. And getting bottles of our world-beating gins out to our wonderful customers.

“While we are upset and angry, we are strong, resilient and philosophical about what’s happened.

“We’ve already repaired the significant damage to the distillery, we have increased security - and we’re back making gin.

“York Gin makes some of the world’s best gins. A break in at our distillery doesn’t change that.”