Yorkshire web hosting company offers sustainable green solution

Switch to powerful but greener web hosting and you will be making a huge step towards making a difference.

Get high-speed, reliable, scalable and honest web hosting while also helping the planet with 100 per cent renewable energy in Yorkshire

Now one Yorkshire company can help your business make the internet work for you – and the planet.

Since 2008, HA has provided a blend of High Availability with consistent and personal support available 24/7.

Its mission is to provide high-speed, scalable and honest web hosting, alongside a portfolio of services to maximise website performance. York-based HA continues to evolve and grow, providing the best support and services to its clients including a 100 per cent renewable energy option.

The internet and the environment

In an ever-developing digital world, there are millions of active websites online worldwide. From simple plain text to everything available at the tap of a button, websites have evolved to provide us with the ease of shopping online, participating in live auctions, watching tutorials, working collaboratively, and much more, all from the comfort of our homes. But this has come at a cost in terms of energy usage and carbon emissions.

As more businesses become mindful of sustainable ways of working, fully managed web hosting company, HA, based in North Yorkshire, are keen to encourage and support companies making the switch to greener web hosting.

“We are asking everyone in the HA ecosystem, from our suppliers to our customers, to come with us on this journey and become an active force for change,” says Esmond Hastings, CEO at HA.

There is no denying that our digital-led lifestyles are having a negative impact on the environment through the huge increase in energy usage. Which is why the team at HA, based in York, are taking a responsible review of how their power is generated.

100% renewable energy source

From January 2022, HA are extremely proud to be able to provide web hosting services powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. The award-winning sustainable data centre, located near London, is committed to environmental sustainability and has been recognised as being one of the UK’s most energy-efficient data centres, winning two awards in 2020 for its sustainability and efficiency.

Best for you: better for the world

Nick Bascombe-Fox, CTO at HA, said, “Since we started the company in 2008, we have always worked towards improving our ways of hosting for our clients, and now we need to do the same for the environment. This development allows us to implement positive changes within our industry and offer our clients a way to move towards a more sustainable way of working.”

Businesses across the world are starting to seriously consider the negative environmental impact they cause and how they can make a difference. So how can your company make a positive difference?

Make the switch

By simply switching to a greener web hosting company, you will automatically help make a difference and reduce your impact on the environment.

“Committing to and achieving our goal of offering a 100 per cent renewable energy supplies has been challenging and a lot of hard work. By taking this step our clients can make the choice to lessen their impact on the environment whilst keeping the same level of expert service we have always provided.” said Esmond.

The team at HA are excited about their future plans continuing to play their part improving the environmental impact of the web hosting industry. Every small step in the right direction helps, and HA are delighted to have also partnered with a company which helps offset the emissions from the team’s personal and professional lives.

If you are keen to get the ball rolling or have any questions about green energy web hosting, the team at HA are more than happy to talk you through them, call 0800 8620844 or email [email protected] Or visit their website here