Yorkshire’s steel beam move and installation service

Save on time and money with the safest, easiest and fastest way to move bulk materials and install steel beams from the kerbside to worksite.

Take the strain out of moving and fitting steel beams – from kerbside to building site - even with restricted access

If you’re in the construction business you’ll know one of the biggest headaches on many builds is the requirement for large and very heavy steel I-beams.

There are substantial risks of injury when moving and lifting any steel beams, and with steel beams frequently weighing more than 500kgs it’s crucial to have a safe method of moving and installing them.

In addition to the risks associated with lifting steel beams, many sites requiring their installation have restricted access, making it challenging to safely and easily move the steel beams from the kerbside to the installation point.

Steel Beam Lifter offers an expert operated steel I-beam move and installation service and is the only service in the UK that uses the Hooka tracked mini-crane and DBX tracked dolly, designed to move and install steel I-beams on sites with restricted access.

Tight spaces are not a problem because of the size and range of movement of the Hooka crane. The go-anywhere tracked DBX dolly offers easy movement– and can manoeuvre and install beams of up to 1.0 tonnes, saving on labour and splicing costs. One Hooka can safely lift steel beans of up to 1.0 tonnes, whilst two can take care of up to 2.0 tonnes.

Heavy lifting

You can take the strain out of any heavy lifting project – whether that is transporting heavy construction materials, delivering and installing a pizza oven into your garden or planting mature trees.

Take a look at Steel Beam Lifter website here to see more about the kind of projects this company has helped complete and to find out more about their pizza oven installation service.