Young farmers expulsion threat over anti-social behaviour in Blackpool

The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs has vowed to terminate the memberships of any of its members who were involved in the anti-social behaviour which marred its annual meeting in Blackpool.

Blackpool's Winter Gardens
Blackpool's Winter Gardens

Young Farmers Clubs from across the country attended the AGM at the seaside town’s Winter Gardens last weekend and images emerged on social media channels of young people wearing convention-related shirts appearing to take car keys from inside a car, attacking a passing motorist, lying in front of traffic and chanting expletives.

Reports to our sister title, the Blackpool Gazette, also included tales of drunk party-goers urinating in public, throwing up and passing out.

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The incidents have thrown the future of the annual event in doubt, with Coun Tony Williams, opposition leader at Blackpool Council, saying: “We need to make a decision about whether or not it’s worth it.”

In a statement, James Eckley, chief officer of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs, said: “The Federation is now carrying out its disciplinary process to ensure that those involved in causing anti social behaviour are removed from the organisation.

“NFYFC is taking this issue very seriously. All of the incidents that occurred over the weekend, not just those caught on cameras, are being investigated and appropriate action will be taken with the support of the relevant local authorities.

“We offer reassurance to Blackpool residents and businesses that the viability of this event is under scrutiny.

“A review process is already underway with the event management team, which will also involve Blackpool authorities.”

The federation’s chief officer added: “The behaviour that has been highlighted is not in line with NFYFC’s values and ethos. It is now the responsibility of all of our 24,500 members to pull together and show what it really means to be a proud member of a Young Farmers’ Club.”