YP Letters: Council must do more to preserve Kirkgate Market in Leeds

From: Tony Bell, Wakefield.

Kirkgate Market in Leeds.

LEEDS Council should try to preserve the Kirkgate Market in the city. Yes, things evolve, however markets of this type are the hub of cities.

They are a melting pot of cultures – the goods sold, the smells, the sounds. This should be the beating heart, identity and soul. Any development should be treated cautiously and sympathetically.

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Major development could and will irreparably damage something that is intrinsically good.

Listen to the users and traders. They know what is best their living depends on success.

Decisions perhaps should be biased in the favour of the opinions of those people, not 
of developers who could ultimately lose out through their own greed.

Leeds Council is not on 
its own making dubious decisions regarding markets, other nearby councils have 
made similar mistakes and 
the penalties may be seen by empty shops in their main streets and short-term business occupants.