These are the most reliable cars for student drivers

These are the most reliable cars for student drivers
These are the most reliable cars for student drivers

Learning to drive can be an exciting, but nerve-wracking process and choosing a car to learn or practice driving in can also be a complex task.

But Warranty Direct has used its latest Reliability Index analysis to reveal a list of the most reliable cars for student drivers, taking into account the frequency and type of faults, the age and mileage of the car and the cost of repairs.

The Toyota iQ takes number one spot, with Vauxhall, Hyundai and Citroen also among those making the reliability list.

The Honda Jazz also finds itself in the top 10 twice, with its older model listed further down the list.

The most reliable models of car

1 – Toyota iQ (08- )
2- Vauxhall Agila (08 – )
3 – Hyundai Getz (02 – 09)
4 – Honda Jazz (08-)
5 – Hyundai i10 (08-)
6 – Citroen C1 (05-)
7 – Hyundai i20 (09-)
8 – Suzuki Alto (09-)
9 – Ford Ka (08-)
10 – Honda Jazz (01-08)

How to choose the right car for you

Warranty Direct advises that although choosing a car with the lowest price may sound like a good idea for students, they should also consider how much a vehicle will cost to maintain and run in order to get the best value for money.

When considering its shortlist for what makes a great student car, Warranty Direct looked at several key factors, including:

  • A keen list price with low running costs
  • Ease of use. Car that are effortless to drive, easy to see out of and compact enough to fit into tight spaces
  • Cars that feel safe and composed on the motorway, so longer trips to and from home don’t become stressful or tiring

Simon Ackers, CEO of Warranty Direct, said, “When new or young drivers are looking to purchase their first vehicle, it’s important they are not swayed only by the latest trends or cheap deals. They should prioritise vehicles based on their overall reliability, to get the best value for money.”

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