Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher appears in Farmers Weekly Boots and Heels show following success of BBC One Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure

Soap actor turned farmer, Kelvin Fletcher, opens up about his farming journey on the show Farmers Weekly Boots and Heels.

TV celebrity and Emmerdale star turned farmer, Kelvin Fletcher, collaborated with BBC One to create his first show documenting his new life as a farmer on his new land in the Peak District.

The show began in January this year and following its success and positive reception, the Farmers Weekly Boots and Heels hosts, Lizzie McLaughlin and Becca Wilson, visited the Fletcher’s farm to witness them at work and to see how they are coping with their first-time lambing.

The video series begins with Kelvin’s eldest daughter, Marnie, taking on her role as a little shepherdess as she attempts to identify the sex of the new lambs.

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    Kelvin and Liz Fletcher with Lizzie McLaughlin and Becca Wilson. (Pic credit: Colin Miller / MAG)

    Part one of the series sees Kelvin and Lizzie bond over their common ground in being new to the industry and also shows Becca and Kelvin talking about all things lambing.

    During the two episodes, Kelvin gives the two hosts a tour of the farm to discuss his farming journey and all that he has learned so far. The hosts also witness his first lambing.

    “It’s crucial that I don’t get that help straight away because I won’t know what my business is,” he said.

    He explains to Lizzie and Becca about why the Fletcher’s loved creating their new show and the importance for such programmes.

    “Going back to being one with nature, that wholesome living, it’s just good TV, it’s informative, you learn something,” he said.

    The three of them delve into a further conversation about what shows inspired their move into farming and all agree they are all ‘massive fans of Kate Humble’.

    Parts two and three will see an interview with Liz Fletcher about her role on the farm and breaking the female stereotype, a further interview with Kelvin and the Boots and Heels hosts find out if the Fletchers are #TeamBoots or #TeamHeels.

    You can watch part two of the series by visiting the Farmers Weekly website.