Incredible photo shows young peregrine falcon flexing its neck considering its first kill

This young peregrine falcon is a real head turner - as it is caught flexing its neck while preparing to make its first kill.

The fledging enjoyed a topsy-turvey view of the sky as it twisted its head a staggering 180 degrees.

The curious peregrine - the world's fastest animal which can reach speeds of 200mph - was caught in the odd pose while eyeing up a passing house martin.

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Though still dependent on its mother, the young bird had only left its nest a week before it was caught eyeing up a potential meal in a bizarre pose.

Photographer Wayne Havenhand snapped the shot at Malham Cove. (Credit: Wayne Havenhand/

Photographer Wayne Havenhand, 54, said: "They're too young to catch things but I think it was watching a house martin going past. Maybe a future kill - 'should I go for it or not?'"

Wayne photographed the young bird at Malham Cove, in North Yorkshire for 20 minutes as it watched passing birds while twisting its neck like a contortionist.

Wayne said: "It was doing all sorts. It looked more like an owl - its neck was going round and round. I was 15 or 20 feet away from it. It was the first one I've ever seen."

Wayne left his home in Bedlington, Northumberland at 3am to reach Malham Cove at first light after hearing the peregrines had recently fledged.

The incredible photo was taken at Malham Cove. (Credit: Wayne Havenhand/

He said: "We scrambled over the rocks to get the shot. I was in such a weird position getting the shot but I couldn't move my legs because I'd scare it off.

"It was there for about 20 minutes so I had to sit in the same position. I've given myself right sore legs since."