No hard feelings as farmer reunited with prize bull which trampled him at Great Yorkshire Show

The farmer trampled by his prize-winning bull at The Great Yorkshire Show was reunited with the animal - and their beef has been forgiven.

Forgive and forget: The farmer trampled by his own bull has been reunited with the prize-winning animal

Show-goers looked on in horror as Willy Barron, 61, was dragged along the ground and knocked unconscious by Limousin bull Barrons Olso, who weighs almost one tonne.

Miraculously Mr Barron survived serious injury during the incident at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate on Tuesday.

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-> Man knocked unconscious by spooked prize bull at Great Yorkshire ShowNowthe farmer has been reunited with 16-month-old Barrons Olso at the showground.

The incident which happened at the Great Yorkshire Show

He told how the animal was spooked by a spectator's opening umbrella which caused him to slip on a ramp.

Barrons Oslo was photographed as he then charged into his handler, striking him on the head, and dragging him along the ground as shocked viewers watched on.

Mr Barron, who bred and reared the bull, was knocked unconscious for a few seconds after suffering a blow to the head and had four stitches behind his ear.

The farmer from Burnhope, County Durham, has defended Barrons Oslo, saying he meant "no malice".

The incident which happened at the Great Yorkshire Show

He said: "Apparently an umbrella opened in front of us as we were walking together, which startled the bull.

"When that happened he slipped on the ramp and that really unnerved him.

"He just wanted to be away from the area at that point, so he ran. I remember being dragged along the floor before being hit in the head and going unconscious.

"I came round after a few seconds and got some treatment."

-> Organisers issue update after man is trampled by spooked bull at Great Yorkshire ShowMr Barron added: "There was no malice in the bull whatsoever.

"It was just those two things startled him within the space of a few seconds.

"If it was only the umbrella that went up he would probably have been fine, but he slipped as well and that scared him."

Mr Barron, who breeds pedigree Limousin bull at his property, Morrow Edge Farm, said: "I certainly have no hard feelings about what happened, it's just one of those things.

"He's a really good bull and we're both absolutely fine.

"I have seen the same kind of thing happen to other people before, just not to myself."

The incident happened on Tuesday (11/7) at around 9.45am, moments after Barrons Oslo was crowned champion in the Great Yorkshire Show's British Limousin class.

Mr Barron had to be stretchered away from the area and transported to Harrogate District Hospital, where he was treated.

He said the loose bull was caught by someone seconds after he bolted and led to a nearby shed to calm down.

After being discharged by doctors, Mr Barron made his way back to the showground to check on Barrons Oslo.

Prior to the incident Barrons Oslo placed first in his class and won three prizes, including 'best junior exhibitor bred male' and 'best British Limousin animal exhibited by a North Eastern Limousin Breeders Club member'.