Pregnant Helen Skelton cradles bump as she witnesses dramatic alpaca birth at Cannon Hall Farm

Pregnant Helen Skelton jokes she hopes she doesn't need help from a vet delivering her third child as she looks on during a dramatic birth in the latest episode of This Week on the Farm.

The Leeds-based presenter, who is married to rugby league star Richie Myler, is expecting her third child on New Year's Eve.

She is seen cradling her bump in the latest episode of the show, which sees her at the scene of the dramatic birth of an alpaca.

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Yorkshire vet David Melleney is called in to help and the 38-year-old jokes that she hopes she won't be needing his help as she gives birth.

Helen Skelton with the team at The Week On The Farm. (Credit: Daisybeck Studios)

Jules Hudson nods to Helen about her pregnancy and she says: ”If David the vet delivers this baby something has definitely gone wrong.”

The drama unfolded after an alpaca called Whitney and her cria - the name for a baby alpaca - faced a life and death situation. Whitney struggled during labour as the cria was facing the wrong way.

David, from Donaldson’s Vets in Huddersfield, was brought in to help deliver the cria safely but there’s more jeopardy as the day goes in that will be revealed in the show.

But it's not the only life and death situation that unfolds in this week's show, which is once again at the earlier time of 8pm - where it will remain for the rest of the series.

Helen is expecting her third child on New Year’s Eve. (Credit: Daisybeck Studios)

The show is filmed at Cannon Hall Farm, near Barnsley, and one its favourite shire horses Lottie is also in trouble.

Also on the show, former housing manager Luke Andrew features as he became a farmer in lockdown after he moved into his partner arable farm in West Yorkshire. He is now responsible for 200 pigs, a small flock of sheep and 250 acres of arable land.

He is harvesting beans for the first time. Luke said: "It’s a lifestyle change. It’s lovely being in the countryside with the animals and every day is a school day.”

Helen and Jules see how the Cannon Hall Farm commercial flock prepares for next year’s lambing season with some tupping.

Farmer Ruth described how the tup, a male sheep, is out with the ewes. He has a 'crayon' attached to him so when he mates the ewes are given a blue mark. It means the farmers know that the ewes may be expecting lambs.

This Week on the Farm is in the running for a number of awards in the upcoming RTS Yorkshire Awards on Thursday. As well as for best factual programme, it is also nominated for excellence in production for Springtime on the Farm, while Helen Skelton is up for best presenter for her work on both the shows.

This Week on the Farm is on tonight (Sep 29) at 8pm on Channel 5.