The Yorkshire Vet: Watch Peter Wright and Julian Norton in the series finale tonight on Channel 5

With its latest season coming to a close, we bid farewell (for now) to Peter Wright and Julian Norton in The Yorkshire Vet’s series finale, which is airing tonight (July 20) on Channel 5.

The Yorkshire Vet returns for its series finale tonight at 8pm on Channel 5. (Pic credit: Jonathan Gawthorpe)

After 12 episodes, Peter Wright and Julian Norton return again to Boroughbridge for the last episode of the season, where they will be rushing to the aid of an injured sheep.

Tonight’s episode will follow the recovery of the ewe, who - to Peter’s surprise - is pregnant with twins, with the lambs’ lives are in danger.

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The two famous vets will also be tending to Cannon Hall Farm’s star, Tilly the Tortoise, who may need extensive surgery to remove three eggs which she hasn’t been able to pass.

Peter and Julian also desperately attempt to rescue a little girl’s Chihuahua puppy in the episode, as the dog has an unsightly eye problem that needs surgery.

Viewers will also see them sent over to the Greens’ farm to tend to their two calves, Gin and Tonic, who need re-homing.

Peter is warned by the calves’ owner, Jean, that if he doesn’t do a good job, she’ll be ‘telling him’.

The episode will be aired on Channel 5 at 8pm tonight.