'We want to change the industry for the better' - Q&A with Minskip farm shop owners Emma and Ben Mosey

Emma and Ben Mosey are the owners of Minskip Farm Shop in Boroughbridge where they farm 16 acres and run a small free range flock of hens and grow vegetables. Here they answer our questions.

Farmers Ben and Emma Mosey of Minskip Farm Shop, Boroughbridge. Picture by James Hardisty.

What motivated you to run a farm shop?

Ben is from a farming background - he grew up on a pig, sheep and arable farm near Helmsley.

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Ben and I met at university and travelled the world together for 10 years - he was an exploration geologist and I'm a published novelist.

Emma and Ben Mosey have travelled the world but have settled in North Yorkshire, returning to Ben's roots. Picture by James Hardisty.

We returned to the UK five years ago and began the search for a food and farming business which would allow us to change farming for the better and reconnect customers with their food, which is something we're super passionate about.

What do you hope to achieve?

We are young, entrepreneurial farmers, who want to change our industry for the better.

We regularly have our minds blown by the amazing attributes of the humble egg, and we want to share our egg geekery with the world.

We hope to bring farming closer to the general public, and to show people the realities of life on a farm - all the fun and hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Our customers tell us they love how transparent our farm is: you can see the hens ranging and the vegetables growing when you get out of the car.

We want to stay grass roots and true to the original farm, but enhance our customers' opportunity to get close to their food again.

You travelled the world before settling in Boroughbridge, why did you choose North Yorkshire?

We've lived in Perth, Australia and Jakarta in Indonesia and we moved back to Yorkshire to be closer to home. Yorkshire is such a beautiful county, and we love living here.

What can you offer shoppers that other outlets can't?

Perfectly poachable eggs and the freshest vegetables around. Our eggs are the freshest you can buy - they're often still warm when we put them out on the shop floor.

It's impossible for supermarkets to get them to market in less than five days, usually much longer, and an egg is only poachable for the first five days.

One of the most exciting things we've discovered is that poaching eggs is easy - people blame themselves and use all sorts of equipment, but you can just crack ours straight into boiling water and you've got the perfect poacher!

We also grow our own veg - it's all super fresh and we grow unique varieties like purple sprouting broccoli, kale and chard that it's hard to find elsewhere.

We also have three Kune Kune piggies who are very unique, and our little waste-devouring machines!

And what are your plans for the future?

We hope to continue to run a successful business and to offer our customers more.

The hero of our business will always be the hen and eggs that were its beginnings.

We are hoping to open an amazing cafe later this year - fingers crossed! Most of all, we want to continue loving what we do.