I watched several squirrels almost dancing along the tree branches - Sue Woodcock

Sue Woodcock is battling a broken heating system
Sue Woodcock is battling a broken heating system
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The weather has been somewhat varied. At times there has been sunshine, blue skies, and things have been very pleasant. Then a dark cloud looms on the horizon, and suddenly it is raining.

The roads seem to be flooding very easily, possibly because everything is waterlogged. The grass in my garden is squelchy and very slippery. I am being very sensible and careful where I put my feet. The dogs, however, have no such worries.

Brock and Brillo seem to revel in being covered in mud. My dog Looroll has no such desire. She will not indulge in anything that involves moisture. My elderly cat, Bhan, only visits the garden when he has to. He finds the warmth and comfort inside much more preferable.

On Tuesday I was up and out early, this time for an appointment at the Musculoskeletal clinic, at Clifton Park, just outside York.

When I got there, I was very pleasantly surprised. This clinic, which is part of York Hospital, is in a disused church, set in grounds adjoining the River Ouse.

I cannot think of a better use for an unused church than a premises to help heal people. I was far too early. I watched the wildlife in the magnificent trees that surrounded the place. I watched several squirrels almost dancing along the tree branches.

As my appointment time approached, I went in to a very modern interior. I was called in to see the specialist and she was a very lovely lady, and I was duly checked and examined. She could not have been more thorough.

The next morning, I popped down to our doctor’s surgery to make an appointment, that I had been told to do. I then indulged in some shopping and came home.

On Thursday evening I made it to the Celebration Singers practice, and even managed to sing without too much coughing. I am still rather deaf in my right ear, but it is getting better.

Afterwards we popped into the pub and I had the first pint of beer this year! I have been taking things a bit easy to get rid of the remnants of my cold.

On Friday evening I felt a bit cold but put it down to not feeling very well. By Saturday lunchtime I had worked out that the central heating system in the house had broken down and left me with a rather cold house.

I checked all the things I thought might be contributing to the breakdown, and for safety’s sake turned the system off.

I think it is inevitable that this kind of thing can only happen to me at a weekend.

I have left a message for my plumbers and will contact them on Monday. To warm the house, I put the oven on for a while and it soon warmed the kitchen and living room.

I put the electric blanket on, in the bedroom, much to the dogs’ delight. I must admit I was glad to be warm too. I even donned several layers of extra clothing. I seldom feel the cold.