Jill Thorp: Raising a glass to celebrate fresh coat of paint at Stott Hall Farm

Jill Thorp
Jill Thorp
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Stott Hall Farm is now comfortably warm and dry under a new roof and looking superb with its fresh coat of paint. It is looking fantastic even though the windows remain untouched, the choice of colour still being a bone of contention.

There is something quite beautiful about Yorkshire stone slate adorning an old farmstead. To me, it looks like a work of art, something I can admire day after day. I still struggle to understand why they chose to paint over the stone but the brilliant white really complements the beautiful and varied hues of the roof slate.

As this was the fourth job our builders had completed at the farm, we decided a celebratory meal was long overdue. Paul and I very rarely get any time away, so we readily accepted the offer to spend a weekend in Littondale.

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With John-William happily packed off to Granny’s, we headed north to meet up with Roger, our builder, and his team.

After battling through horrendous traffic we finally made it to the peace and quiet of the Dales. After a quick turn around we headed to the Falcon Inn at Arncliffe and enjoyed top class food and company.

The following day we drove up into the hills and were lucky enough to see the sights at their absolute finest, bathed in glorious sunshine. That evening we were again taken to an excellent pub, The Queen’s Arms at Litton.

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It was pure heaven to be able to walk to two local pubs, both serving absolutely fantastic food and then return back to the cottage where we were staying admiring the star strewn sky above. No noise, no light pollution to spoil the splendour of our surroundings. The quietness and inky blackness of the night washed over us.

We were both pleasantly surprised at the quality of food at both establishments but also how busy they were.

Through the day there were quite a few tourists about but come the evening, the locals poured in. When you see how remote some of the farms are around Malham and Arncliffe, you realise the huge importance of these wonderful old pubs and inns as a meeting place, somewhere to touch base with friends and neighbours.

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Despite consuming our annual quota of alcohol in one weekend it was done in the best of company and we made it home in one piece!

The Whitefaced Woodland annual show and sale has come and gone. Despite our worry over poor prices, both our ewes and tups made good prices.

One of our tups won his class and was highest priced shearling on the day and we also won with our first pen of six shearling ewes. Paul’s brother, Casey, won overall male champion and highest priced tup. John-William bought himself a new tup and instantly christened him Buster, so everyone came away happy.

I am in no doubt that the marker spray will soon be put to use as he attempts to claim as many new wives as he can for Buster.